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Showroom: Via Isonzo 20 – 20089 Rozzano MI Italia

Mon-Thu 8:30-12:30 14:30-18:30, Fri 8:30-13:30


About us Coding and Marking Systems since 1970

EuroMps S.r.l. has been offering printing and marking solutions since 1970. It provides a complete range of industrial printers, Coders and Inkjet printers exceptionally suitable for any type of product and/or its packaging. Such wide offer ranges from the most compact to the most versatile ink jet products, also featuring contact, thermal transfer, rotary and hot-stamping printers.

Thanks to its permanent marking and printing solutions, together with manual, semi-automated or fully automated printers, EuroMps S.r.l. has been acknowledged as a point of reference at national and international level.

EuroMps S.r.l. also offers a full range of materials and supplies, including rubber, PVC, silicone, metal, permanent inks, and thermal transfer ribbons/cartridges.

Last but not least, EuroMps S.r.l. has marketed slip-proof and stabilizer pads, as well as rigid or flexible cardboard corner guards for many years.

Our highly specialized staff with over 40 years of experience will be more than glad to help you when choosing the perfect product for your needs, while providing constant support throughout installation, setup and post-sale daily operations.

Top quality professional service and assistance

Our highly professional and dedicated pre and post-sale service benefits from several decades of activity in the industrial printing and packaging sectors. Not to mention our thorough feasibility investigation followed by a complete system design, product supply, installation, testing and commissioning.

Furthermore, we always take any critical issues into account, before providing the right solution with a specific marker or printer, with semi-automated or fully-automated features.

The wide range of our products and our priceless know-how can deliver optimal solutions to small and large business, guaranteeing the same outstanding standards of professionality and dedication.

As one of our customers, you will be always supported by one of our dedicated contact specialists, when it comes technical, commercial or administrative matters. It may seem like a small detail, but it really makes a big difference, improving and streamlining truly cost-effective communication.

It goes without saying that, for us, the human factor matters a lot, especially when consolidating a most unique and long-lasting relationship with our customers.