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Showroom: Via Isonzo 20 – 20089 Rozzano MI Italia

Mon-Thu 8:30-12:30 14:30-18:30, Fri 8:30-13:30

Printable materials


Printing on glass involves a 0-15 second drying time, depending on the type of printer.

Glass falls into the macro-category of non-porous products and can be marked or printed with all our rotary markers (WPNP, CLP, MIDSIZE, MINI CODER, HPNP), using MT disposable cartridges with high resolution inkjet printers, such as the Euromps ELF series inkjet printers, the ZJ printers (Essential, Dynamic, Ultra), the Squid Ink printers, from the smallest SquidInk Copilot 128 to the biggest SquidInk Copilot Max, as well as the Hot Quick Coder fitted with its disposable hot-swap cartridges.

Euromps and its wide range of products and technologies, offers the best solutions for:

  • manual glass coding;
  • automatic glass coding;
  • glass stamping;
  • manual glass marking;
  • automatic glass marking.