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Our products

Materials of use

The Elf1 series inkjet printers use inking Cartirdges (available in white, black, red, green and blue) and suitable for porous surfaces, such as non plasticized paper and cardboard, or non-porous ones like polypropylene, PVC, plastic, glass, steel, etc.

The Cartirdges can print approximately 400.000 characters, up to 12.7-mm high. That maximum height setting can be obviously lowered, thus drastically reducing ink consumption.

When it comes to contact rotary marking, Poly Ink disposable solutions are used for porous materials, while any other type of material is printed with MT inkers.
Without using liquid ink, you can print from top to bottom or vice-versa, and also sideways.
Disposable cartridges also prevent from ink dripping and spilling, which may damage the materials to be printed or marked.

The WPNP, MIDSIZE, CLP, MINI CODER, HPNP as well as the Hot Quick Coder ones, adopt RIBType printing fonts that allow quick alignment of any alphanumeric text, symbols and logos.
In this section, you will find all details about the abovementioned materials.