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Paper and cardboard

Paper is a hygroscopic material, mainly made of natural (vegetable) raw materials, pressed and felt dried. It usually comes in thin sheets. It can be enriched with adhesives, mineral fillers, dyes and several types of additives.

Cardboard is a particularly thick and heavy paper material, sometimes consisting of a central corrugated layer and two external flat sheets.

Both paper and cardboard are porous materials, as long as they are not covered with a thermoplastic coating.

The materials with the abovementioned features are commonly used in the primary packaging sector, especially for small products or secondary packaging for more common items such as kraft paperboard and corner guards for pallets, etc.

Squid Ink Printers – represented in Italy by Euromps – is an international market leader in the inkjet printing sector, boasting a range of more than 300 types of inks.

The Squid Copilot series features print heads with a printable height ranging from 18 to 140mm.

For a very long time, rotary markers have been the perfect alternative for clear and sharp printing with limited setup and maintenance costs.