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Elf Multihead


This inkjet marker is suitable for marking on any surface type.

The 7″ (18 cm) color touchscreen can handle up to 6 printheads which can reproduce up to 6 individual impressions of 12.7 mm in height. For example, you can support 6 products aligned parallel when passing under the same production line or in the event of a single impression, you have flexibility up to 72.6 mm. height on larger objects.

This feature provides greater flexibility for your printing needs. The ELF series is suitable for both large and very small printing needs (e.g., font height range 1.0 – 72.6 mm).

One will quickly grasp the numerous advantages that this printer provides whether you are printing on porous materials such as untreated paper, wood or cardboard or you having to print on non-porous materials such as steel, glass, polyethylene, PVC and plastic materials in general.

ELF is capable of printing on the following materials: plastic, metals, painted wood, spools, glass as well as porous materials such as cardboard, paper and, wood. Print options include alphanumeric text, barcodes as well as logos.

Available colors: black, white, red, green, blue.

The printer allows you to change the print color within seconds by simply replacing the ink box where the print head is fully integrated.

Normally inkjet printers use dedicated color printheads which can call for very expensive maintenance costs because of the specialization required to clean the printheads. On the contrary, using printers with HP cartridges will no longer necessitate these high costs due to the simplicity of swapping ink cartridges. Moreover, no more messy cleanups to deal with or even the potential damage to the ink supply system if soaked in ink.

These printers work exceptionally well on the production line’s conveyor line printer (stand-alone) because of the photosensor’s position or with clean contact to a packaging machine.