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HQC - Hot Quick Coder

Euromps reciprocating coders fast, precise and reliable. On a vertical form-fill and seal or flow wrap machine, conveyor belt (filling line), and cartoning machine or as a table model. The Hot Quick Coder automatically prints accurately in any place desired.
Hot Quick Coder can be applied to virtually any material and surface. Text area of 12 x 24 mm at the maximum.
The Hot Quick Coder is clean and maintenance-free is use and is simple to operate.
The Hot Quick Coder is made of corrosion-resistant materials and meets many of the industrial requirements (including EN 60204). A guarantee for economic functioning and a long lifespan. Regardless of whether the printing must be from above, from underneath, from the side or slanting, the standard support makes mounting of the Hot Quick Coder possible at any desired angle.
The Hot Quick Coder D-series provides instantly drying, sharp, clear and well-covering print results on porous and non-porous surfaces. From packaging foil and paper to glasses or plastic bottles. From cans to cardboard and very many other materials. Plug in a new Hotroll and the Kortho Hot Quickcoder is ready for thousands of new print actions. And thanks to the integrated pre-heating the next Hotroll is immediately ready for use. The printing colour is simple to change by plugging a Hotroll of a different colour into the Hot Quick Coder.

Fixed text or separate characters can easily be placed on the special text holder. This text holder can be exchanged in a few seconds; Separate rubber characters are in stock as standard, in varying dimensions and heights.
Kortho’s design department can quickly make a customer-specific design according to specifications.


  • Application: Print on stationary or moving products/materials.
  • Print technology: Contact coder.
  • Ink supply: Disposable Hotrolls HQC-TS.
  • Characters: RIBtype® Boxed Character Sets.
  • Printable substrates: Porous and non porous.
  • Maximum printing area (mm): 10 x 20 or 12 x 24.
  • Maximum coding speed (prints/min): 250.
  • Maximum production speed (metres/min): 60.
  • Power supply voltage: 115/230VAC ± 10% 50-60 Hz.
  • Air supply: 5 – 8 bar (clean, dry, oil-free).
  • Power connection (Watts): 150 (230v) / 100(115v).
  • Operating pressure (bar): 4 (56 PSI).
  • Air usage (max litres per operation): 0,04 at 4 bar.
  • Sound level: (dB) 82.
  • Kortho Hotroll standard: Non-toxic – black, blue, red, green, white, yellow, brown, orange.
  • Industrial norms: CE-approved.
  • Coding unit main dimensions (mm): H 218 – W 96,5 – D 124.
  • Including hotrolls and cable: H 255 – W 163 – D 124.
  • Operating system main dimensions (mm) (Control Box): H 223 – W 296 – D 89.
  • Including cable connectors and cable: H 345 – W 296 – D 89.
  • Total weight of coding unit/operating system (kg): 2 / 2,3.
  • Operating system: Kortho Hot Quickcoder D-Series LCD cabinet .
  • Adjustments: 8 independent parametersets with settings for the next parameters:
    • Print delay
    • Print temperature
    • Print time.
  • General parameters:
    • LCD contrast.
    • Temperature bandwidth.
    • Extended busy signal.
    • Ready temperature.
    • Power on-mode.
  • Input signals:
    • Printsignal (NPN, PNP, potential free contact, voltage pulse 5-30VDC/AC).
    • Inhibit.
  • Output signals:
    • Busy.
    • Alarm.
    • Power on.